30 June 2013

{ STYLE } Man Up

Happy Sunday all! Went out to brunch today and wore this khaki spiked jacket for the first time- I love the spiked shoulders and the gold spikes contrasting with the khaki denim.

A structured denim jacket, pleather pants and thick chunky boots- rather masculine and edgy don't you think? I don't typically go for this type of look but I thought why not change it up today. Plus, I've been really wanting to pair the jacket with some leather pieces!

Freakin love whoever did this artwork! Amazing.

I've been wearing these pants way too often! I love the leather panelling on the front and the soft fabric at the back. They're super comfortable to wear, so chic and are perfect paired up with almost everything.

Top from Sportsgirl | Spiked khaki jacket from ASOS | Leather leggings from Dotti | Kmart spiked clutch | eBay boots and sunnies

Realised how affordable my outfit is lol. You don't really need to spend heaps of money to pick up some fab pieces. I'm always on the lookout for good sales and bargains- I can't resist!

Enjoy the week ahead <3

xo Laura


  1. So edgy hun, love your boots especially~

  2. wooow i love the place !! btw great outfit.
    mind to following each other??


  3. Nice...kiss!!!!

  4. wow you look amazing! those boots are to die for!!!!
    :D i love affordable outfits too!!!

    xx Michelle


  5. Great outfit and nice photos!

    you have a nice blog.

    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC? If yes, please follow and let me know about it. I will follow back quickly.


  6. love your pictures babe!!!