6 July 2013

{ Review + Swatches } Milani Baked Blushes

Sitting here with my blocked up head, nose and sore throat, I should really be resting rather than blogging right this minute but I've been putting off this post for far too long! These are the first baked blushes I've ever tried and the first cheek products I've tried from Milani. I picked up four of Milani's baked blushes a couple of months ago, Rose D'Oro, Luminoso, Corallina and Berry Amore. 


What I absolutely love about baked blushes and what caught my eye initially is the gorgeous marbling effect it gives. Super pretty!

Although the packaging is a bit bulky and may not be travel friendly, I do love the metallic gold casing as it makes the product look less cheap and more glam. I have to add that in the pan, these blushes look insanely shimmery although once applied on the cheeks I don't find the shimmers or glitters to be too noticeable or over the top which is great! Too much shimmer can make your face seem a lot more oily which I don't think anyone is a fan of.

Rose D'Oro: 

Rose D'Oro is a very deep rose/red colour. It's very earthy looking, almost with slight undertones of brown, like a rusty shade (forgive my colour descriptions lol). This is probably my least worn blush out of the four just because it can turn out too dark and red on my cheeks which is not a good look. It's extremely pigmented on my skin so only a small dab with the brush should be used unless you want to look like a clown. I think this blush would be perfect for darker/tanner skin tones.


Luminoso is a light peachy shade with a golden sheen and gives your complexion a really nice highlighted healthy glow look. On my fair complexion, it is the most wearable out of the four and definitely has been the one I've reached out for the most. It's nicely pigmented, buildable and I think will work best on fairer skin tones.


Corallina is an intense coral/pinkish shade. It looks absolutely beautiful in the pan but I must be very careful with it when applying as it is super pigmented and can turn too orangey on my cheeks. I decided to purchase this shade as it was recommended by Hollyannaeree :D With a light hand and plenty of blending, Corallina gives you a beautiful coral pinkish flush. Perfect for the summertime.

Berry Amore:

Lastly, Berry Amore is a beautiful dusty rose/mauve with a gold shimmer. This one is more pigmented than Luminoso but no where as much as Rose D'Oro or Corallina. Great on fair skin tones as it gives you a nice pinkish golden flush.

L-R: Rose D'Oro, Luminoso, Corallina, Berry Amore

  • Reasonable price, around $7.00
  • Great pigmentation and blendability
  • Long wearing
  • Great variety of shades to suit different complexions (9 different shades that I can see)
  • Beautiful marbling makes the product look pretty and glamorous! 

  • Bulky packaging
  • Packaging feels cheap and plastic-y
  • Packed full of shimmer which can make your face look oily and greasy
  • Price difference between non-baked blushes and baked blushes of the same brand. I don't personally see any huge difference between the two other than baked blushes looking prettier. You're basically paying more for aesthetics
  • Not available in Australian stores- got my goods from here if you're wondering ;) 

Have any of you tried these baked blushes before? Are there other baked blushes from different brands that you would recommend for me to try?

Time to sleep and hopefully I will get rid of this sickness before the weekend ends! Oh, and please don't forget to follow my blog on BLOGLOVIN' if you want updates from my blog as Google Reader has officially shut down! Thankyouuuu <3

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post and I am in no way affiliated with Milani Cosmetics. The products mentioned were purchased with my own money and as always my reviews are 100% my honest opinion. *


  1. those are all so pretty. I think ill have to get a couple to add to my collection :)

  2. OMG Laura... Those are so pretty!!! I love it so much!
    Wish I could have it ^.^


  3. Nice review (: ! Hope to read more of your blogpost. x


  4. I never tried these but the colour looks beautiful in the packaging.

  5. these looks so awesome. i wish they were more readily available in Canada instead of having to buy them online :( i think walmart might have them...but its hit or miss here.

  6. love them! they are all so pretty! but I know what you mean about the glitter haha they can be too much. thanks for reviewing! :)

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