26 August 2012

{ Review + Swatches } Wet n Wild 'Comfort Zone' Palette w/ a FOTN!

I recently purchased one of Wet n Wild's Color Icon palettes in 'Comfort Zone' after ummm-ing and aah-ing for the longest time! This eyeshadow palette comes with a collection of 8 pigmented and shimmery colours. I absolutely adore the selection of shades which are totally up my alley- a mix of neutrals and olive tones. A great palette for winter/fall although I would wear these colours all year round.

Like I said previously, all the eyeshadows have a shimmery finish with two of the shades also adorned with microglitters. This is my first Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette and  honestly, I was really amazed by the pigmentation and colour pay-off. All the eyeshadows apply really easily and have a silky texture although some of the darker eyeshadows tend to be a bit more chalky- although a negative that I can put up with. I especially love the uniqueness of the 'Definer' shade in the second column of the palette- a reddish brown with a slight green iridescence. Defintely something I don't have in my eyeshadow collection! Although that colour is great swatched, the greenish iridescence seemed to get a little lost once applied on the lids :(

  • Inexpensive- purchased mine for around $8 AUD
  • Pigmented and silky to apply
  • Great all-in-one palette to create day and night looks from
  • Very little fall-out
  • Gorgeous shimmery finishes
  • Glittered eyeshadows do not cause a major mess or fall-out
  • Amazing colour selection

  • Cheap packaging and double-ended brush
  • Not easily accessible in Australia
  • Some of the darker shades are a little chalky

A recent FOTN using only the eyeshadows from this palette on my lids! **No primer used**. Simple and earth-toned colours on the lids plus a pop of colour on my lips.

Making silly faces.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post has helped those of you thinking of purchasing Wet n Wild eyeshadows. Let me know which eyeshadow palettes you are currently loving :D

Have a nice week lovelies!

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post and I am in no way affiliated with Wet n Wild Cosmetics. The product mentioned was purchased with my own money and as always my reviews are 100% my honest opinion. *


  1. You look beautiful! I love the colours you decided to use on your lids! :)

    I've been trying to decide whether or not to buy the Wet n Wild palettes for the longest time, and this has definitely convinced me to get them! Great review :)

    1. hehe thankyouuuuu ^^ mmmhmmm i was not disappointed with them at all! =D

  2. eeee I need more WnW palettes! haha. This one looks amazing in the swatches and on you! I lovee the lipcolour too (and your lips look so smooth haha sorry for sounding creepy!!)

    1. hahahah not creepy at all :P hehe thanks girl x

  3. where did you purchase this if you don't mind me asking :)

  4. Such a nice palette and I loooove the look that you created, looks so beautiful!! <3


  5. Great colours, they looks very pretty on you.
    - Keyta x

  6. Lovely shades here!
    I'm your newest follower now, and I hope you will follow me back if you like my blog =)

  7. I've heard great things on this palette! And by the swatches, it seems like the pigmentation is really good.
    You look lovely! :) xx

    1. yehh pigmentation is great! thanks Judy x

  8. Wow, you look fantastic :) I've been lemming this palette for such a long time now! May I ask where you bought it? I'm also from Australia so this would be great!! I never knew we could get it :)

    1. beautyjoint.com ive never seen this brand in stores here!

  9. I'm totally in love with your look.
    Very pretty !


  10. Pretty! I really like the lipstick you've used in the photos too :) xx

  11. I love the fact that you stated that this is your true opinion :) i feel like many bloggers just says everything is good. I've never heard of this brand, but I hope we have it here in europe so i can check it out :D

    1. awww thankyouu! i will always state my honest opinion no matter what! you can always purchase these online :) x

  12. Wow, I didn't know Wet & Wild could look so good!

    (Also check out the giveaway I am doing for a really cute cat purse!)

  13. I've heard a lot of good things about their eyeshadows :) I have to check this one out when I'm in the store next time! Thanks for the review~ It looks really great on you!

  14. I've been wanting to get their eyeshadow palette, now I'm even more determined because of how pigmented they are. And so affordable :) Thank you for this review!


  15. oh wow love how the palette has words to let you know where you should be using it! the pigmentation looks great and you are so pretty!!

  16. great post! i love wet n wild eyeshadows :)


  17. lovely photos! u look amazing

    check out my blog here if you like

    xoxo, eliza