23 August 2012

{ YUM! } Lazy Sundays at the Tuck Shop

* PHOTO HEAVY !! :D * Our meals from the past two Sundays brunching at the Tuck Shop. We had such a great first visit that we wanted to go again the following week to try more of their dishes. Their menu is probably the most exciting brunch/lunch menu I've seen in a long time! Sundays are definitely very busy and it's only a small cafe so be prepared to wait for 15-30 minutes. Worth the wait though! Food and drinks are made fresh, beautifully presented and the wait staff are super friendly : )

The interior : 

Our food from visit 1:

Lamb, rosemary & vegetable pie: Pies are what the Tuck Shop are famous for! This was soo delicious- their pastry tasted so fresh and the filling was so flavoursome. The lamb was well cooked and tender too. Definitely recommend this one!

 Chorizo with paprika potatoes, peppers, spanish onions and crispy pork belly, fried egg: I chose this one after seeing so many photos of it whilst browsing Urbanspoon. Loved the flavours in the dish but wish they added more chorizo and pork belly! When I saw 'crispy' pork belly, I was expecting a crispy skin and a tender/soft pork meat although the whole thing was crispy which I didn't particularly enjoy.

Our food from visit 2:

 Moroccan meatballs with flatbread, tomato, hummus and za'atar fried egg: My boy's dish- he gives it a 6/10. Other than the great presentation and uniqueness of the dish, many aspects of it were lacking. He says the meatballs were too mushy, hummus was average and it was a little salty for his liking.

Bruschetta with grilled bacon, goats curd, tomato, avocado and basil salad: My dish! Loved the combination of ingredients and the presentation! Definitely something different to the traditional tomato and basil bruschetta! Only minus about this dish was the saltiness- a little too much salt from the bacon and the goats curd.

Beef, bacon & cheddar pie: Both pies we tried were yummy but I definitely prefer the pie during our first visit- I preferred the lamb and rosemary filling because of the gravy and tenderness of the vegies and lamb. This pie had a lot less sauce and the meat was more chunky.

  Vanilla shake: So freakin delicious! The extra vanilla pods added made this shake so heavenly. Tasted different to many other generic vanilla shakes I've tried. I like how the Tuck Shop's shake is not too thick and had the perfect vanilla taste. It was not overpowering-ly sweet which was great too.

Their menu: 

 Their menu apparently changes everyday. I only noticed very minor changes between my first and second visit.

Overall, I found the food to be tasty but not mind-blowing. I think my expectations were too high after reading the many outstanding reviews! Either way, I will definitely return- I just love how the rest of the dishes on their menu sounds.

For more info, I shall link you guys to their Urbanspoon page here.

Hope you've been having a fab week and I hope this post hasn't made you too hungry hehehee..~

xo Laura


  1. I hope you had a lovely time in that place! X

  2. I love your food and restaurant reviews ! Looks like you have a "yummy" time here.

    1. thanks so much! definitely had a yummy time hehe

  3. The food looks too delicious. I was reading the menu to see what I would order if I were to visit. Silly me XD


  4. yummy!

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