8 July 2012

{ YUM! } Holiday Food Diary

I recently just came back from a 2 week-ish holiday in Jakarta and had the greatest time visiting family, shopping and EATING! Here are just some of the food snaps I took whilst abroad and a couple here in Perth.

Beware: These photos will make you drool all over your keyboard :p

SUSHI ICECREAM! The presentation of this dish is AMAZINGGG and makes up for the average tasting icecream.

Passionfruit and Pistachio&Melon Cocktails @ POTATO HEAD

Tried out this new super chic place called SKYE BAR & RESTAURANT. This bar and restaurant looks really nice and special inside and provides a city view of Jakarta but food is so-so.

We went to this High Tea French cooking class @ MIELE. The apple tart was the best out of the lot! I might attempt to make it at home : )

 The Omakase Set @ KINOKAWA. Omakase basically means that you leave everything up to the chef who will prepare you a range of different small dishes to try. Now this is pretty ridiculously priced, around $160AUD per person!! The food was delicious, especially the fresh sashimi but I just can't justify the price!

More of the Omakase Set @ KINOKAWA

Final dishes @ KINOKAWA

 Sushi/Sashimi Bridge, Soft Shell Crabs, California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki and Assorted Tempura @ SAKE BAR RESTAURANT

Cocktails & Macaroons @ LOBBY LOUNGE IN BURSWOOD

Have a great week everyone!!

xo Laura

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  1. The sushi ice cream looks so cute. I also love that I keep finding other Perth bloggers :)