9 July 2012

{ NAILS } Revlon : Dreamer

I picked up a bunch of Revlon nail polishes over the past 2 weeks or so and tried out one of their newer polishes called 'Dreamer'. I am in love with blue nail polishes so this polish is perfect for me! 'Dreamer' is such a pretty sky blue, periwinkle-ish colour (leans more to a blue rather than a lavender).

It took me about 3 coats to get the full opacity that I like. One thing I don't care for about this formula is that it dries a tad slowly compared to other nail polishes I'm used to. I'm currently on day 3 of wearing this polish and it has yet to chip on me which is pretty good in my opinion.

Wearing 'Dreamer' on my nails! It looks a lot brighter in this picture >.< The first two pictures are more true to colour.

YAY! Finally getting back to the groove of blogging since I'm back home! Planning another OOTD post some time this week if the weather co-operates : )

xo Laura