15 June 2012

{ YUM! } Brunch at The Imp Café

A delicious brunch on a beautiful sunny day with the bff- one of my absolute fave things to do! We decided to go and try The Imp for the first time and it's such a nice little cozy restaurant! We both ordered food from the breakfast menu- bff ordered the Big Brekkie and I ordered the Big Veggie Brekkie. We were surprised by the generosity of food on the plate when it arrived on our table!

My Big Veggie Brekkie was super yummy and soo filling I couldn't finish it all :( The poached eggs were cooked perfectly and their home-made hashbrowns were so tasty- fluffy potato mash in the centre and a crispy outer coating YUM! I was so excited with the mountain of wild mushrooms on my plate- lovee mushrooms but just wished there was a tad bit more seasoning. The beans tasted surprisingly good and I say surprising because I don't particularly like beans- the spices used in the sauce made it really flavoursome. Spinach was alright, pretty normal and cooked well. The sourdough bread was fresh although I wanted a bit more crunch from it.

Diggin' in.

My cute pot of English Breakfast!- even teapots like to keep nice and warm : )

Love her!

Service was really good too- bff wanted to swap her beans with mushrooms and there were no problems or extra charge with that. Friendly staff and relatively quick service. Both our dishes costed $20 each which I was pleased to pay especially with the huge portion and excellent quality of food we got.

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5

If you guys live in Perth, definitely check out this place! I definitely want to return to try their dinner tapas!

The Imp Café is located at:
863 Albany Hwy
East Vic Park

Have a lovely weekend!

xo Laura


  1. Yum, that food looks amazing!

  2. Omg the food looks delicious! I'm so jealous! :)


  3. food look so yummy :3 & U're so pretty :)

  4. I love your necklace and the food made me veryy hungry!!

    Luv, The Nyt
    Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

  5. Wow, what a lot of food!! ;D


  6. yummy!


  7. I want this food, it looks delicious! You look lovley, very pretty!


  8. OMG the food looks so delicious!! i wonder why its called the imp cafe. im guessing the cafe is small? but their portions look huge lol. wish i had something like that where i lived!

    1. Yeh its a pretty small cafe but good food!

  9. youve made me hungry now!!
    looks delicious

  10. now im hungry! that looks soo yummyyy <3

  11. that looks sooo goood!! i love your necklace! :)

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  12. love your blog! Food looks delish! :) Following u now. :D



  13. Wow I love brunches and that looks like a feast!! ^_^ mushrooms and poached eggs are a good combo! you girls are adorable. keep in touch <3


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