28 April 2012

{ Review + Swatches } Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey everyone! Another post for you makeup lovers : )

I got my Sleek palettes agessssssssss ago, sometime last year but of course I wasn't blogging then so here is my late review and arm swatches of the shadows!

I got 4 eyeshadow palettes which retail for $10 each! Super affordable and inexpensive for the amount of shadows you get in one palette. Most of the shadows are very pigmented but tend to be powdery, producing quite a lot of fall-out (as you can see from my messy palettes >.<). I suggest using a good eyeshadow primer when using these shadows. To be honest, I have not used these palettes as much as I'd hoped because I just don't like dealing with too much fall-out and it's always stored in my drawer and out of my view! (I always have my UD Naked palettes out so it's easier to use those everyday instead).

 Starting from top left going clockwise: Sunset, Storm, Bad Girl & Original palettes

ARE YOU READY FOR THE SWATCHES?! :D (Maximum of 2 fingertip swirls around the pan)

Sunset Palette
Reds and oranges! Beautiful warm shades (and a cool blue) although I don't really reach out for this palette as much as the others just because I don't find the colours to be very wearable everyday. All the shadows have a shimmery finish except for the matte black.

Storm Palette
I love the colour scheme of this palette! Beautiful golds, bronzes and navy shades among others. Definitely my kind of colours. Perfect for everyday, especially during the winter and autumn seasons. The Storm palette contains shimmer eyeshadows with the exception of 3 being matte (matte light brown, matte dark brown and matte black).
Bad Girl Palette
This is the perfect palette for a sexy smoky eye. It contains beautiful champagne and silver/gunmetal shimmers as well as dark greens, blues and purples. When applied, most the the shades appear matte although they have shimmers in the pan (:S).

Original Palette
A beautiful array of colours. It's the perfect palette for those wanting a bit of everything from a vibrant purple to a gorgeous olive shade. All the shadows have a shimmer finish except for the matte black.

Oh darn you fingerprints ! 

Overall I really do like these palettes and I feel that they are worth the price and quality. It's great for beginners of makeup who want to expand their eyeshadow collection for an inexpensive price. 12 eyeshadows for $10 and plenty of pigmentation is a fantastic deal.

  • Great pigmentation
  • Variety of colours
  • Mix of matte and shimmer shades
  • Inexpensive
  • Not related to the product but great customer service. A Sleek blush I purchased broke while it was being shipped. They were apologetic, quick to reply to my email and sent me another blush free of any charge : D

  • Some shadows are very powdery
  • May not be very good for travelling as the shadows would break on impact
  • Fall-out

I definitely will start using these palettes more often now. I need to stop neglecting these beauties! I purchased my palettes on http://www.sleekmakeup.com/ and it took ~10 days for shipping to Australia.

I might do another post on Sleek blushes if you guys are interested? & let me know which palette(s) are your favourites : D

Until next time, have a great week!

xo Laura

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Sleek Makeup. I purchased the products with my own money and this review is 100% my honest opinion*


  1. great swatch. I don't own much makeup and have been eyeing the naked palette for ages, might play around with these first since they're cheaper as well. Thanks for this post!

    1. yeah definitely check these palettes out! naked is pretty expensive but so worth it! if you love neutrals, i say go for it :D

  2. Great post and review! I really want to pick up a few Sleek palettes. Right now I have my eye on Oh So Special and Storm!

  3. Great post sweetie is really cool this palette! Thanks for the review:P

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  5. these palettes look so fun, bad girl would be my favorite as i love black/blue/purple. have you tried coastal scents?

    1. no i haven't tried coastal scents. i have some bh cosmetics palettes which are pretty similar to coastal scents i think :)

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  7. Wow these are pretty cool palettes!!! I really like all the colors, especially the sunset one, the colors can be worn all year round! =) By the way, new to your blog and loving it ^_^

    1. yes they are pretty cool :) thanks for your support!! <3

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