25 April 2012

{ Review + Swatches } Mini Haul : PERIPERA COSMETICS

Here's my mini haul of Peripera Cosmetics! Peripera (페리페라) is a Korean cosmetics brand that I first heard about from Hollyannaeree and Beautifymeeh on youtube (gorgeous Korean beauties!!). I was intrigued after watching and reading a few reviews on Peripera products and I could not resist their cute packaging!

I wanted to try out a few of their products first hence the mini collection although after testing them out, I definitely want to purchase more in the future : )

I bought two of their 'Rose Nail Polish' which are limited edition nail polishes from their fall/winter collection as well as one of their 'My Color Lips' lipsticks.

Nail polishes: PK019 Mod Pink (모던 핑크) and GR309 Mod Green (모던 그린)
Lipstick: 20 Pink Beige (핑크 베이지)

First up, how amazing, cute and pretty is the packaging!! I really love companies that take the time to make their products look fantastic as well as having them being of great quality.

Look at how pretty the lipstick tube is!! Intricate lace and flowery detailing. So cute and girly!

Pink Beige on my lips! (and wearing Mod Green on my nails)

No.20 Pink Beige swatched on my arm:

I adore this lipstick and it's totally my kind of lipstick colour. It's a beautiful peachy nude shade that is so smooth when applied. Great pigmentation and is probably my favourite scent out of all my lipsticks. IT SMELLS LIKE ROSES! Very subtle scent which is great and not over-powering at all. It leaves a pretty glossy shine on the lips and is moisturising.

Nail polish in Mod Pink:

Nail polish in Mod Green:

I've been searching for a really wearable pretty pink nail polish and I think Mod Pink might be the one! It's a gorgeous light dusty rose colour and super wearable. It would be great for any occassion especially for some workplaces where you want to be a bit more conservative yet you want some pretty colour on your nails : )

I've been really into blue/green nail polishes lately so I had to pick up Mod Green! I first saw it on Angel from Beautifymeeh and it looked so pretty on her! A perfect green for the winter and fall months. I would describe the colour as a green with greige undertones. It's a subtle wearable green perfect for those wanting to experiment with green polishes but not wanting a colour that is too striking and bold.

I love the flat brush tip which makes it easier to apply as it covers most of your nail. I needed around 2 coats of each polish to get an opaque cream finish and applied my Seche Vite top coat. This nail polish lasts for about 5 days before I started to notice some chipping.

I purchased the lipstick and nail polishes on Ebay (found it to less expensive overall) although you can also find them on their website:

(US site)

(Korean site)

Oh and another plus of purchasing it on Ebay.....free sample goodies! : D

Check out Peripera reviews from Holly and Angel! I also love this review from Lili : )

Have a great week!

xo Laura

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Peripera cosmetics. I purchased the products with my own money and this review is 100% my honest opinion*


  1. Great post! You are beautiful!


  2. Love the mint color nailpolish! It's amazing!


    1. thankyou! i love it too...it's a beautiful green polish ^_^

  3. Gorgeous<3 & I swear, Korean products have the best packaging~ so feminine and whimsical~

    Great post!


    1. exactly right!!~ korean and japanese makeup in general have the cutest packaging!

    2. Agree.. they have the cutest, romantic and sophisticated packaging.

  4. Ciao! I like your blo,and it's interesting to read a blog from a country so far from mine!! If you like mine,follow each other? I follow you now,Paolo

  5. your lips shade is the same as mine! i love the colour too and the packaging is so girly >.< i'm trying to buy their products in a more reasonable price, still searching though..

    the dusty rose colour on your nail is also very pretty :D


  6. I bought Peripera rose lipstick here.