23 April 2012

{ YUM! } Lazy Sunday : Cantina 663 & Yuki

Nothing better than being lazy on a Sunday <3 Chillin' and eating yummy food all day.

Started off with a casual lunch with the girls at Cantina 663. Menu here.

My best friend. It's amazing to have someone you can share precious and random memories with <3 !!

Here come the food snaps! 

I ordered this house corned beef sandwich with pickled cabbage, rocket, cheese! Absolutely delicious and so much flavour. Love the bread...so fresh and crunchy!

Pan fried gnocchi

Duck liver parfait and onion jam. I highly recommend this one too along with the sandwich! What a generous slab of duck liver parfait. The parfait was so creamy and soft and when topped with the onion jam...perfect combination! 

Baked eggs. This looks so yum too...I might try this one next time!

Overall a really nice brunch/lunch place although I found the service to be a bit slow. Will definitely return though!

Then for dinner we went to try out Yuki Japanese Restaurant. Menu here. I saw it was rated quite highly on Urbanspoon and I was craving salmon sashimi!

Had soba noodles and assorted tempura for my main. Delicious but rather pricey. I think it was around $20-ish.

Raw salmon sushi. Just like any other salmon sushi. Nothing special but as I said before...I was craving it!

Chicken udon! Huge bowl and very tasty.

Definitely will return to Yuki. Service is great and prompt and staff are super friendly. All-in-all simple and tasty traditional Japanese food.

Hope you all have a great week ahead! : )

xo Laura


  1. You & your friend look so sweet together<3 & keep the food porn coming! I love it~

    Great post!


    1. aww thankyou!! ohh don't you worry...plenty more food porn action coming! :D

  2. All those dishes look amazing!

  3. You girls look so cute. The dishes look absolutely delicious! Especially that sandwich!

    Suzie Q
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  4. cute!!!


  5. hmmm... so tasty!!!!

    So cool!!! I follow you!!!