3 May 2012

{ Review + Swatches } Sleek Blushes

Here's my first post for May and the second part of my Sleek Makeup haul! (Click here for my review and swatches on Sleek eyeshadow palettes). Other than being a lipstick junkie, I also have another weakness which are blushes! They can change your whole look completely by adding a healthy glow, some colour and dimension to your face.

So, I purchased 3 out of the 11 Sleek blushes, each being 8g (0.27oz) for $6.50 (not including shipping costs). Another great deal from Sleek especially if you compare it to MAC powder blushes which are 6g (0.21oz) and costs $41 in Australia!! This is why I NEVER buy makeup from department stores here!

I love the quality of these blushes and unlike their eyeshadow formula, I don't find it to be powdery at all. The product glides very smoothly on the cheeks with a relatively good staying power. The blushes are fairly pigmented too with some being more pigmented than others, but you definitely do not need too much of the product on your brush which is great.

L-R: Pixie Pink, Pomegranate, Rose Gold

Pixie Pink:
'Pixie Pink' is a matte bubblegum neon pink. It definitely does not look as scary or shocking on your cheeks than it does in the pan! It gives a pretty pink flush on the cheeks, suitable for basically any makeup look. Definitely great for those with fairer skin!

Rose Gold:
  What a surprise I picked up a blush in ROSE GOLD :p ! I could not pass up on this blush. I've read in many reviews that this blush is comparable to the famous Nars blush in 'Orgasm' but 'Rose Gold' is definitely the less expensive option! This is a gorgeoussssss colour. It's a beautiful rosy pink blush with gold shimmers (no chunky glitters! :D) It gives a really nice healthy glow to your skin.

 'Pomegranate' is a deep berry colour with shimmers. I don't use this blush as often as the other two as I find it can be a bit too dark on my fair skin during the day time. I occassionally like using this on a night out on my contour areas of my cheeks rather than on the apples. This blush is rather pigmented so definitely only a slight swipe is needed.

 L-R: Pixie Pink, Rose Gold, Pomegranate

Good sturdy packaging!

  • Inexpensive
  • Fairly good pigmentation
  • Not powdery, nice and smooth application
  • Good staying power
  • Variety of blush colours with different finishes (mattes and shimmers)
  • Packaging is sleek (no pun intended...!!) and relatively sturdy

  • I really don't have any complaints!

What do you guys think of these blushes? What are your favourite blushes of all time and which ones do you recommend for fair skinned ladies :D ?

xo Laura

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Sleek Makeup. I purchased the products with my own money and this review is 100% my honest opinion*


  1. i love all those colors

  2. thanks for this review, might check them out as well :D

  3. Love the colours you picked! I've been wanting to order a few eye shadow palettes from Sleek and may need to pick out some blushes as well now! Great review :) My favourite blushes right now are by NYX (mostly because that's the majority of my collection). Their Angel blush is a lovely natural hue that I use a lot.

    1. check out my sleek eyeshadow palettes post if you haven't already!! : ) ooooh I have some NYX blushes too...pretty good as well. I like their blush called Pinky. I've been meaning to purchase some more though! x

  4. I love their Sleek Blush by 3 blushes, they're amazing! Although I've been eyeing the Rose Gold for a little while so I may just have to submit and buy it! xx
    Great post! :)


    1. ohh yes such a great idea with the 3 blushes although are they just the current blush shades from sleek combined in 3 or are they different blushes altogether?

      thanks for stopping by~~ : )

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  6. they all look pretty. i'd like to try the pomegranate

  7. The shades were pretty! We like it!

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  8. Hello! I came to your blog, because your profile photo intrigued me. Great haul! Oooh and the pixie pink color is so cool! It;s my favourite one, I love that! It's crazy but sweeet;) So, I'm glad I found you because your blog is awesome! Good job and please keep posting, because you do it great, and I start following and will visit you with pleasure!
    xx nik

    1. ooh i'm glad you found my blog too! thanks so much for visiting and following ^^

  9. I love the rose gold.. it would suit perfectly on my cheeks! xx

    - Victoria

  10. Sleek blushes are great. They are so pretty and pigmented. I only own Scandalous because I can't buy them in Germany so I ordered only the one that was like no other from the UK... but I think, I might buy the Pomegranate next time as well. It's so pretty!

  11. Hiya! I'm a new follower :) just wondering, where did you get these Sleek blushes from? I'm from Aust too, but would love to buy some! :)

    1. Hi Joanne! i got them at sleekmakeup.com