31 March 2015

{ Review & First Impressions } Bellabox Australia

I'm sure a lot of you beauty junkies have heard of Bellabox and if not here is a quick run down. Bellabox is a monthly subscription service in which you will receive a box of at least 5 beauty samples from a variety of brands. In Australia, a box per month is priced at $15 plus a postage fee of $2.95. I personally think the concept of a beauty box or beauty bag is great and fascinating. It allows you to try products from different brands, even those you may have never heard of before. What makes it exciting for me is that element of surprise when you receive and open up the box and then discovering the goodies and hopefully finding new and amazing beauty products! It's really like giving a present to yourself! 

When Bellabox contacted me to review and test out their March box I was like heckkk yes! I've never signed up for any of these beauty subscription services and getting the experience to try it out was exciting for me.

Here's my March box....

Honestly, when I first opened up my box and saw the contents inside I was pretty underwhelmed. Knowing that it's a beauty box, the random Stabilo highlighter threw me off. The only product that really intrigued me was the foot mask. I haven't had the chance to use it yet but I definitely will! My job requires me to stand for hours which can make the skin on my heels quite hard and calloused so fingers crossed this mask does the job!

I'm hoping my feet will smell like apples afterwards! ^.^

Never heard of the brand but I'm down to try a new shampoo and conditioner :) EDIT: Just tried these and I really do like it. I quite like the 'manly' cologne-like scent. I especially enjoyed the conditioner, it left my hair so silky smooth, soft and tangle free :D

Good ol' Palmer's. I like their skin therapy oil but never tried their moisturizing day cream. Smells soooo cocoa butter-y. They recommend to apply the cream on your face and neck area but I think the scent is just a bit too strong for my liking to put on my face. It feels great as a hand cream though!

Hmm... :/ I do like their highlighters doe.

Got the Colour Theory eye pencil in 'Emerald'. Different to the blacks or browns I normally gravitate towards but I'll find a way to wear it!

So many people love Ardell lashes but I'm really not a fan. Even their demi wispies that everyone wears and loves just does not look good on me :( I find their lashes lack that curl that my small monolid eyes need! I'm not getting a good vibe with the style of these 109 lashes unfortunately. I will try them out but I don't have high expectations, wishing I'll be proved wrong though!

Even though I was disappointed with most of the products in this March box, I kind of want to try it out and see if I get better and more exciting products in future monthly boxes. I've seen some of their previous boxes and I was truly impressed with the samples people were receiving. I guess March wasn't their month.

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: The products mentioned above were sent to me by Bellabox Australia for review purposes. My reviews are always 100% my honest opinion *


  1. Great review! i love the lashes.


  2. woaah.. even highlighters?! that's interesting, hahaha! :D

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