17 November 2014

{ Review + Swatches } Charlotte Tilbury Haul PART 1: "The Dolce Vita" Palette & "Penelope Pink" Lipstick

Here's to part 1 of my Charlotte Tilbury haul! Prepare yourself for a ton of beautiful shots of her Luxury Palette in 'The Dolce Vita' and her K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in 'Penelope Pink'. Charlotte Tilbury's makeup line just exudes extreme class and beauty. I absolutely adore the rose gold/maroon packaging and the products themselves actually perform incredibly well.

'The Dolce Vita' palette is a gorgeous warm-toned quad containing a light pinkish champagne, a reddish brown, a sparkling gold-bronze and a deep chocolate brown. These are not the most buttery or pigmented or silkiest eyeshadows I've tried to be perfectly honest. These powders lean to more the drier side but are not chalky. I was a bit let down when I initially swatched these shadows on my hand because I was expecting a ton of pigmentation but these eyeshadows perform so differently when applied on the eyelids. On the eyelids, these shadows have amazing colour pay off and because of this slightly dry formula, there is no fall out at all!

I had the hardest time deciding which lipstick from the line I wanted to purchase. Since I've never tried Charlotte Tilbury's products before prior to this haul, I of course wanted to stick to a nude/neutral everyday wearable colour. 'Penelope Pink' is a stunning nude-pink shade. This lipstick is extremely creamy, moisturising and velvety- so comfortable to wear. They claim that these lipsticks are free from parabens and contain a rich anti-oxidant that will naturally protect your lips from harmful UV rays. They provide such a pretty healthy shine on the lips and are an absolutely dream to apply.

The rose gold bullet is hands down one of my favourite lipstick packaging ever. The design is very old hollywood glamour-esque (the whole collection is actually!) yet simple yet still so classy and feminine. I definitely need to purchase more of her lipsticks!

Lined with Jordana's Easyliner in 'Honey Dip'

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my haul where I'll be reviewing and swatching Charlotte's 'Filmstar Bronze & Glow' and her Cheek to Chic blush!

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post and I am in no way affiliated with Charlotte Tilbury. The products mentioned were purchased with my own money and as always my reviews are 100% my honest opinion *


  1. Omggggg both of these products are so beautiful!! I want them both now haha.

  2. I absolutely love the eyeshadows! All the colors are really pretty and seem very pigmented. Looking forward to part two!

  3. I been wanting these for ages but the price is killer! >.<
    Thanks for the review! Such luxury products ^^


  4. Great products and a lot of top bloggers swear by it

  5. Such a beautiful post and wonderful imagery! Stunning picks :) Laura www.shehearts.net x

  6. Such a beautiful post and wonderful imagery! Stunning picks :) Laura www.shehearts.net x