27 October 2012

{ STYLE } My Kingdom

If you don't already know, I love my statement necklaces. Just a simple, casual and plain looking outfit can be instantly transformed into something a bit more dressy and suited to more formal events. Formal occassions or not, you would probably catch me wearing bold jewellery pieces on most days of the week.

I picked out this 'Kingdom' necklace from Vanity Box (an Australian-based fashion and cosmetics online store)- I personally prefer statement necklaces with shorter chains, in that it would sit on my upper chest although I could not pass up on this one! I was immediately drawn to its bold design, especially the glamorous-looking pendant, the earthy colour scheme and the vintage-esque feel.

The necklace feels like it's really well-made, sturdy and it's not too lightweight. The only frustration I have with this necklace is that it can get tangled really easily, obviously with the many chains and layers incorporated into the design- so appropriate storage is a must!

Vanity Box is selling this gorgeous item on their website for $18.80AUD. Amazing! Doesn't this piece look a lot more expensive?! Super satisfied :D

Visit Vanity Box here for more gorgeous items, including a variety of Asian-brand cosmetics, fashion apparel and accessories!

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: The 'Kingdom' necklace was gifted to me by the team at Vanity Box. *


  1. I love statement necklaces as well ! This one that you've picked out is gorgeous :)

    1. thankyouuu! yes i really love how classy this one looks!

  2. Beautiful necklace! New follower, nice blog :) Follow back if you want!


  3. This necklace is stunning! I love the colour combination :)


  4. such a beautiful statement necklace :) a total bargain and it looks fantastic against the plain black top you have on.


  5. That necklace is very pretty!

    <3 Melissa

  6. I'm in complete agreement with you. Statement necklaces are so classy, and very in fashion right now. I've seen a similar one to this, but not in that color scheme. What a timeless look.

    Jenn | http://www.perfectlimoges.com/christmas