30 September 2012

{ Review + Swatches } Peripera : BB Cream and Wonder of Lips in 'Cherry Pink'

I received these products from the lovely people at Vanity Box a while back and have been testing these out for a few weeks so that I could write a proper review for you guys! Vanity Box is an Australian based online store selling various Asian cosmetic brands, accessories, clothing, bags etc.

If you've read my first post on Peripera products, you know that I was so impressed by them which made me that more excited to try out more Peripera items. I chose the Peripera BB Cream in 'Light Beige' and the Peripera Wonder of Lips lipstick in No.19 'Cherry Pink'! Like I said previously regarding Peripera products, I absolutely adore the packaging- love the girly lace detail!

Peripera "I Love BB Light" BB Cream in 'Light Beige'

First thing I noticed when I applied the BB cream was the thickness and amount of coverage it provided. Secondly like the majority of Asian BB creams, it applied really light on the face, giving off a slight white-cast before it gradually adjusted to your skin tone. There is a very subtle sweet floral scent to the formula, but not something too overpowering and luckily it didn't break me out! What's also great about this BB cream is that it has SPF 50+! Awesome sun protection and great for daily use but definitely would not recommend this for a night out where you'll be taking lots of photos- you will look super white and ghostly!

What they claim: "This B.B cream protects your skin from strong UVA & UVB with its unique cutting system. It covers skin like chiffon and contains vitamin C acetate and licorice extract which makes skin vivid and bright"-- definitely agree with making your skin vivid and bright but 'unique cutting system'? whuuut...? o.O and no it does not smell like licorice thank gosh!

  • Great medium-heavy coverage. A little goes a long way
  • SPF 50+ will protect you from the harsh sun
  • Great brightening effect- I actually really like using the BB cream as a concealer under my eyes and on any red or hyperpigmented areas
  • Cute packaging
  • Really nice subtle floral scent which was fine on my sensitive skin
  • Moisturising

  • Not great for flash photography
  • Rather thick formula (hence good coverage) so if you don't like your face products to be too heavy then I wouldn't recommend this BB cream
  • Doesn't really help with oil control- if you have oily skin, make sure to bring some blotting sheets to touch up throughout the day
  • Applies really light on the skin- I have fair skin and I feel this BB cream may be a touch too light for my skin tone hence I sometimes mix it with other face products or just use it as a concealer
  • As far as I know, there are only 2 shades available, 'Light Beige' and 'Natural Beige'

Peripera "Wonder of Lips" in No.19 'Cherry Pink'
A sheer-er formula compared to Peripera's 'My Color Lips' lipsticks which I have previously reviewed. The Wonder of Lips lipstick in 'Cherry Pink' is a sheer raspberry pink/red colour with no glitters. Although sheer, the lipstick is able to build up in pigmentation to a more opaque colour. The formula of these Wonder of Lips lipsticks is great for those who love a 'high-shine' look on your lips- it's basically a lip tint, lipstick and lipgloss in one.

What they claim: "This lipstick is applied lightly and very softly like cotton candy. Jewelry Complex offers splendid and extraordinarily glossy lips. Excellent Vitamin derivatives and Vegetable Oil keep lip moisturized"-- Agree with the 'glossy lips' part and how it is fairly moisturising for a while on the lips although it does tend to dry out abit throughout the day.

One tip I can give before application of these lipsticks is to make sure your lips are fully moisturised and to get rid of any dry flakes because even though it looks moisturising in the swatch, once applied on the lips, it will accentuate any dryness or cracks you may have.

  • Super sleek and cute packaging
  • Sheer enough to provide a reddish tint on the lips but also buildable if you prefer a deeper and opaque finish
  • All in one lip tint, lipstick and lipgloss

  • Will accentuate any dryness on your lips
  • Feels moisturising for a while once applied but tends to dry over time on the lips
  • A bit too 'shiny' looking for my liking although this can always be fixed by lightly blotting your lips with tissue paper to get rid of any excess shine 

You can purchase both of these items on Vanity Box where they retail the BB Cream for $18.50AUD and the Wonder of Lips lipsticks for $15AUD each! They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 (Australia only)!

Read my previous post on more Peripera products I've tried here!

Thankyou for reading!

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: The products mentioned above were sent to me by Vanity Box for review purposes. My reviews are always 100% my honest opinion. *


  1. Wow the packaging is super pretty! The BB cream looks really good, and for $18.50 it is quite reasonable :) The lipstick is a very nice shade too, thanks for the review!


    1. super adore Peripera's packaging! yes very reasonable price I think too! thanks for reading x

  2. Great review. I'm in love with the lace detailed packaging, it looks so beautiful! :)

  3. Very nice recension.

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  4. Lovely products! Think I will have to check out a BB cream one day. Love the packaging too, super cute.

    1. would love to hear your thoughts once you've tried!

  5. Lovely products, I should try a bb cream for summer! Cute packaging too. Thanks for the review!

  6. i don't like it when my lips get too shiny, but i agree with you the packaging is cute and the all in one feature is definitely a plus!


    1. peripera does the cutest packaging! yep i hate the oily look on my lips lol but you can always fix that by blotting your lips with a tissue :)

  7. I'm on love with this,honey!Can't take my eyes off;-)

  8. Totally agree, the packaging is way cute. Fabulous review, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest interview about what it's like working with Lauren Conrad and some exciting TV projects. Thanks, love. xo


  9. Peripera's packaging is very cute indeed!!! The lace design is so pretty and girly. I have tried the "My Color Lips" formula from Peripera and I quite like that, so I am very interested in trying out the "Wonder of Lips" formula as I really like sheer and glossy finish. Thanks for your review~~


    1. awww that's great then! def try it out if you like the sheer glossy type formulas!

  10. Great post! Thank's for sharing it.... I like the product. I'll find it really cute! :)
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  11. Thanks for sharing the BB cream! I have oily skin but the packaging is sooo cute that it might just be enough to sell me on the product, heh! :) Just wondering, how long would you say the lipstick lasts before you need to reapply the color?


    1. mmm i would say maybe around 2 hours? depends on the colour too. darker lip colours will produce a slight stain so it will stay on for longer. like with any lip products, you'll still need to apply it after you've eaten etc : )