24 February 2014

{ Review + Swatches } Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

These Milani Color Statement lipsticks are starting to be some of my favourite lip products. I was firstly introduced to them by a friend when she gifted me some to try. I loved the formulation so I went ahead to purchase more shades. These lippies are packaged in a gold plastic case, with the corresponding lip colour and shade name showcased on the bottom of the tube as well as 'Milani' imprinted on the side of the lid. First off, even though the packaging is somewhat lightweight, it looks rather luxurious for a drugstore lipstick. I love when the shade colours are actually part of the packaging and they match to the actual shade of the lipstick itself!

Seeing as Australia unfortunately lacks many of the awesome drugstore brands found in the U.S, I had to resort buying these online on Cherry Culture, which has fast become one of my favourite online stores to buy American drugstore brands such as Milani, NYX, Jordana etc. They have plenty of sales all the time too which is a major bonus but very very bad for my wallet. I bought these for $5.50US (actually, a little less than that since I bought these during their sales) minus shipping costs which I think is a pretty awesome bargain seeing as these lipsticks are a dream to apply and the colour pay-off is just amazing. They apply so smooth and creamy and what you see in the tube is the exact colour you'll get on your lips. I love that they are far from sheer lipsticks too! In terms of longevity, they are not overly long lasting like many regular lipsticks and definitely require touching up after meals and drinks.

I remember my very first impression of this lipstick when I was about to apply it on my lips for the first time was the overwhelming artificial watermelon scent, which you will still be able to smell on your lips for some time. Now, I personally don't mind it but just a heads up for those who are a bit picky about strong scents.

L-R: Nude Creme, Naturally Chic, Fruit Punch, Flamingo Pose, Sweet Nectar, Red Label, Violet Volt, Sangria, Black Cherry, Chocolate Berries

So I currently own 10 of the Color Statement lipsticks (I believe there are at least 29 shades out there), but just be aware I bought them at different times and have used some already hence some of the lippies are not perfectly shaped anymore when I was taking these product shots!

L-R: Nude Creme, Naturally Chic, Fruit Punch, Flamingo Pose, Sweet Nectar

  • Nude Creme: My kind of shade! A gorgeous nude-pink. Very wearable and doesn't wash you out. It definitely will be my most used shade in this line!
  • Naturally Chic: Also a wearable and natural shade but more brown and darker than Nude Creme. Looks like a rosy brown on my lips.
  • Fruit Punch: A bright blue based pink.
  • Flamingo Pose: A bright watermelon pink.
  • Sweet Nectar: A super vibrant pure orange.
L-R: Red Label, Violet Volt, Sangria, Black Cherry, Chocolate Berries

  • Red Label: Typical cool toned red. Really pretty but just your generic red that appears in every lipstick line.
  • Violet Volt: A shade which I have nothing that is remotely similar. An electric cool blue-based purple.
  • Sangria: A deep berry which requires quite a lot of layers to achieve full opacity. Similar to MAC's Rebel.
  • Black Cherry: A deeper berry shade compared to Sangria and is more pigmented. Very sexy and vampy.
  • Chocolate Berries: A medium to dark brown with a very slight shimmer.

All in all, I'm just very impressed with how affordable yet great quality these lipsticks are. I probably won't purchase any more of the shades since they don't appeal to me but who knows, the lipstick junkie in me might just one day! :p

  • Affordable lipsticks, alright shipping costs (by weight) and great shipping time (usually arrives in 12-14 working days)
  • Applies smoothly and not overly creamy or slippery feeling on the lips
  • Great pigmentation for most 
  • Awesome shade selection available
  • Smart packaging 
  • Relatively long lasting (maybe ~4 hours depending on if you eat/drink)

  • Some of the shades require a few layers than others to achieve full opacity otherwise the colour will look very patchy (I really noticed this with Sangria) 
  • The dark shades are quite hard to apply nicely which I think is the case with all dark shades. Lip brushes are needed to crispen the outer edges of your lips!
  • Scent can be overbearing and fake to some people

Thankyou so much for reading and I really hoped you enjoyed and found this review somewhat helpful. I have a lot of new beauty products to review and post but I just need the time to sit down and write it up for you!

See you in my next post!

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post and I am in no way affiliated with Milani Cosmetics. The products mentioned were purchased with my own money or given to me as gifts, and as always my reviews are 100% my honest opinion. *


  1. Nice pictures!!!

  2. These lipsticks look gorgeous! I wish Milani was readily available here in Australia! My favourite is Natural Chic :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    1. me too! would be so much easier!! i actually really love naturally chic too. been wearing it pretty often :D

  3. Love those colors! I can't wait to try them. Thanks for sharing!