20 January 2013

{ Review + Swatches } Ameli Blush and Bronzer

Here's part 2 of my review on some more Ameli products! If you missed my previous post, click HERE and it will redirect you to my thoughts and swatches on some beautiful Ameli eyeshadows.

My first impression when I received the products was of course the pretty packaging. I've never really come across any Korean beauty product that has failed in the packaging department! The blush and bronzer both come in a sleek plastic-feel graphite mirrored compact which I really like as it is not too bulky to store and easy to carry around.

Now to contradict myself (hahaa..), one packaging dud that I didn't like was that I'm not able to differentiate between the blush and bronzer from the packaging without opening the compact. It would've been a lot better and time-saving if the label/name of the product was more visible so people knew which compact was the blush and which was the bronzer.

In terms of pigmentation, I'd have to admit that these are not the most pigmented cheek products I have come across and I guess you could see that as either a good or bad thing. The good thing would be that you would have more control on how much product you use and the bad thing of course is that you would have to use and waste more product!!

I love the satin baby pink blush- although rather sheer, it is very much buildable. Same goes with the bronzer. Not the most pigmented but very easy to control! Nothing worse than accidentally putting on too much bronzer right!? This bronzer is a matte light brown and those of you who hate orange-based bronzers will love this! Not a hint of orangey muddyness at all.

I used quite a heavy hand with these swatches. Like I mentioned before, they are not the most pigmented!

  • Very nice, sleek and compact packaging
  • Not too pigmented meaning you have more control on how much colour you want on your cheeks
  • Not too costly: $12AUD
  • Blush and bronzer both have a soft silky texture. Not chalky or powdery
  • Good lasting power

  • Difficult to tell the blush and bronzer apart by looking at the packaging (no labels, compact looks identical etc.)
  • Not very pigmented which means you have to use more product to build up colour

As you can see, pigmentation can really be looked at as both a pro and con. Honestly for me, I would really prefer it if the products were a bit more pigmented. I find that I get frustrated if I'm having to keep on adding more and more product to see some colour on my cheeks!

Both items can be found on Vanity Box and if you use my promo code "DEMURE" you can get 15% off your order!

Have a great week ahead <3

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: The products mentioned were sent to me from Vanitybox.com.au for review purposes. My reviews are always 100% my honest opinion. *


  1. Absolutely in love with both shades! Oh, how the blush has such a beautiful satin finish! I'd love it!

  2. i never try that brand Ameli since its not available here:(
    but i heard a lot of good things,
    i also read your review for the ameli eyeshadow
    i'm loving those colors a lot.
    that bronzer look gorgeous.

    1. you can buy it online on vanitybox.com.au and use my 15% off code!

  3. Thanks for the swatches! Love the colors <3 :)

  4. I loved both shads but the blush definitely caught my eyes more! ^_~

  5. Lovely packaging, I have never heard of the brand so thanks sharing it! Colours are lovely but as you say, it can get quite frustrating if it's not that pigmented. Anyway, I shall check out other products that this brand sells :)

  6. Hello!
    In one of your old posts you had a Blair watch.
    Do they still sell it?
    Is this the correct name:

    Thankyou xx

    1. hi love, the michael kors rose gold watch i own is the MK5263. i think the one you linked me is the small version

  7. I'm already in love with the package! It's so fancy. And I kind of like the colors, can't wait to see it on your cheeks.

    Breathe Me

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  9. The blush color is beautiful! Gonna check it ;)

    Mónica <3