6 November 2012

{ YUM! } Sayers Sister

A celebratory lunch date to Sayers Sister with my bestfriend last week after my final exams! I've been meaning to try the food at this place for a while now since I've read quite a few awesome reviews, seen a ton of mouth-waterin' photos plus I love the food at Sayers which is their Leederville counterpart.

When you enter the cafe, you're greeted with an amazing decor- vintage elegance I like to call it. I love every detail they've put into this place, from the quirky ornaments, lux glass cloches, velvety glam couches and the beaten-down rustique walls.

Both the bestie and I ordered the same dish- chorizo and corn croquettes! The croquettes at Sayers Leederville is absolutely delicious so I really had to try the ones at Sayers Sister, and the fact chorizo was also in the dish was a major plus!

Corn and Chorizo Croquettes on a bed of blanched spinach and salsa topped with fresh rocket. 

Soo so yummy! Great crunch to the croquettes and not drenched with oil luckily! I really liked how not only were there slices of chorizo on the plate but also cubed chunks in the croquettes. The freshness of the salsa and vegies really made the dish a delight to eat as well. I think this dish was around the $17 mark which is not too bad. Only downside I would say about the dish is the lack of seasoning in the croquette mix. I'm actually not 100% sure if the filling was mash potatoes like traditional croquettes or something else. It tasted a little sweet, almost like there was a mix with sweet potatoes.

Overall an impressive dish with wonderful ingredients! I would definitely return to Sayers Sister to try more of their dishes- possibly their breakfast menu next time : )

I've only been to Sayers Sister once so I really can't compare it to Sayers in Leedy. Although, when it comes to interior and ambience, Sayers Sister definitely trumps Sayers!

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5

Sayers Sister is located at: 
236 Lake St, Northbridge

For more photos, reviews etc. take a look here.

On a random note, I just finished watching season 1 of Once Upon A Time in like 3 days or so *cheers to the freakin' holidays!*. I know season 2 has already started but I'm waiting for the bf to finish exams so we can watch it together! Apparently Mulan will appear in season 2 which will be portrayed by Jamie Chung!! Cannot wait!

Holidays are partly for discovering and catching up on my favourite tv shows. I'm currently watching around 9 different shows I think? #yeahimmatvjunkie. I recently started watching Scandal too and omgosh I'm hooked! Any suggestions for great tv shows?

xo Laura


  1. ONCE UPON A TIME IS AWESSSOOOMMEEEEEEEE!!! Such a dark and creepy twist to the usual happy ending fairytales!

  2. what a fantastic place - looks delicious!


  3. I really like the decor of the place and your plate looks yum!!!

    Have you watched The Walking Dead? Currently my biggest obsession. :D

    1. no it's not among my current tv list right now! hahaa is it about zombies? :S

  4. What a great post, love the interior decor of the place, it's so dreamy and welcoming! I love a good food shot as well, but the bad part is you made me hungry and I'm stuck home working lol. So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, and oh yeah I totes followed you since your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me, you don't have to follow me back don't worry. Btw, I recently did an outfit post in an elevator; who'd knew it was that tough to pose in a metal box, you've gotta' check it out!

    xx The Provoker

    1. awww thanks so much!! sorry my pics made you hungry :P hahahaa

  5. croquettes are sooo yummy, they look so good in your pics! I haven't had dinner yet so this is making me drool haha.


  6. Love the vintage ambiance of the cafe and the croquettes look really good too!


  7. cool!

  8. Wow!! looks so gorge, and your chorizo bcroquettes look so good... too bad its in Australia...
    Lovely photos!


  9. Wow, the dish looks delicious/ xx

  10. this looks so yummy!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  11. awesome photos ! i really love your blog !!


  12. Really nice blog! I enjoy it a lot!

    I follow you now , here and at bloglovin!

    xoxo :* :)

  13. The place looks so cute! I love the pictures and the corn croquette looks absolutely delightful!

    Suzie Q

  14. this cafe looks adorable and the food looks delish!


  15. wow these photos are amazing, lovely blog!

    want to follow each other? :)


  16. Omg, I've always wanted to try croquettes! I hope I can find some here in SD. They look delish :P

    Anyway, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :) For more details: http://www.char-sd.com/2012/11/versatile-blogger-award.html

    Hope you're doing well!

  17. That food looks good!


  18. Hi laura! The place looks so pretty and vintage, i like it, thank you for sharing :). Btw i am hana, your new follower now. I am sending you support from Indonesia. I like your blog and hope can read more! Mind to folow each other? Mine is http://beauty-chica.blogspot.com/

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  19. thanks for sharing.