21 July 2012

{ Review + Swatches } BH Cosmetics Jenni Rivera Palette

Ever since this palette arrived at my doorstep, I've been trying to create different looks using the many eyeshadows and blushes. What drew me into purchasing this palette was the fact that it contained 30 eyeshadows and 6 blushes in the one palette at a reasonable price. I believe I paid around $30AUD for this palette. I just checked the BH Cosmetics site and unfortunately the palette is not available anymore :( Maybe check out eBay or Amazon?

Anyway, the formula of the eyeshadows are very much similar to their other eyeshadows in their palettes from the permanent line, so if you're interested then definitely purchase a palette. They're hell inexpensive too! Some of the eyeshadows are fairly pigmented although the lighter matte shadows are totally lacking pigmentation as you can see in the swatches below. I feel that these arm swatches really don't do some of the eyeshadows justice! I find they are way more pigmented when applied on the lids which is of course what we want after all! Beware though, most of the darker eyeshadows will produce some fall-out so use a primer or apply your eye makeup first before applying your face products.

As for the blushes, they're pretty standard. Some are definitely more pigmented than others but definitely buildable. I love the variety of shades and to my joy they are definitely my kind of blush colours!

  • Affordable
  • Great variety of eyeshadow colours and finishes (mattes, glitters and shimmers)
  • Great variety of blush shades and finishes
  • Darker coloured eyeshadows are pigmented, the shimmery ones are gorgeous!

  • Tend to produce fall-out which is especially annoying with darker eyeshadows
  • Limited edition
  • Lighter coloured eyeshadows really lack pigmentation

Here's just a look I created for a night out where I solely used their eyeshadows and blushes!

Thanks for reading and goodnight world!

xo Laura

* Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post and I am in no way affiliated with BH Cosmetics. The product mentioned was purchased with my own funds and as always my reviews are 100% my honest opinion. *


  1. You're so pretty! I love that the palette comes with so much variety although I can't see myself using all of the eyeshadow colours in the palette. It seems like the shimmery ones are really pigmented :) xx

    1. thankyou : ) yes the shimmery dark ones are pigmented and really pretty!

  2. Oh wow, the Colours in this palette look lovely and you look so beautiful in the last two photos!

  3. Very pretty colors. =) I been hearing great things about bh cosmetics. Might have to look it up. thnx for the review

    1. yeh their shadows are rather nice and the price is great. they always have sales going on!

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  5. That palette looks awesome! I love your eye makeup in those pics :) x

  6. Love palettes like this that every colour you would need! You're very pretty :) x


    1. definately a great colour selection! x

  7. Love the eyelashes!!!! Your makeup is flawless!!


  8. Great review! Just ordered mine for 50% of. The pallet was sold out for a while following Jenni Rivera's sudden passing :( but it is available now.