15 April 2012

{ YUM! } Nine Fine Food : Modern Japanese

Fine dining & modern japanese food?

I recently tried Nine Fine Food for the first time last night. I heard quite a lot of good things about this place so of course I was excited to try it out! Now, I'm not a hugeee fan of modern japanese food...not too keen on them tweaking traditional japanese cooking and giving it a western influence. Just my opinion although I quite enjoyed my culinary experience at Nine Fine Food.

We ordered the 'Tokutoku' set menu which is a three course menu with entree, main course and dessert. Menu, prices and all that here. We planned on sharing everything anyway so we ordered different dishes.

Sashimi : "9 various tasting size fresh sashimi, seafood and fish, tuna, salmon, prawn, squid & more"

Really fresh seafood and flavoursome condiments. Definitely recommend this one for sashimi lovers!

Beef Tataki : "light grilled tenderloin beef fillets (rare), truffle mixed yakumi condiments, chilli lemon soy dressing"

Beef was well cooked. Really tender although the dressing needed a bit more flavour.

Mains (these are the daily specials so they don't appear on the normal menu):
Oceans East: "butter sauteed white fish fillets, caramelized freshwater eels, crispy panko coated oysters, light grilled scallop"

Nice overall seafood dish although a bit disjointed- so many different flavours on one plate. LOVED the panko coated oysters...has a great crunch! the white fish fillets had a really nice flavour but was a bit tough. Eel tastes like the usual unagi in those bento boxes. Scallop was well cooked.
Beef & Reef : "grilled tender ridge beef sirloin, lightly fried barramundi fillets, grilled chilli tiger prawn and scallop with spiced creamy sesame sauce"

Like the other main, also found this a bit disjointed- too many elements on the plate! I didn't care for the beef sirloin..got cold quickly and flavour was ok-ish. The fried barramundi fillets were average. Really nice flavour with the chilli prawns though and scallops were well cooked.
Desserts (ordered an extra dessert to try!):
Left: Tiramisu "creamy tiramisu, bitter coffee"
Right: Matcha Brulee "light torched green tea custard brulee"
My fave is the matcha brulee! OMG the custard was so creamy and velvety! Nice green tea flavour though I wouldn't mind a bit more. The caramelized sugar on top...freakin heaven. LOVE the sugary crunch. I recommend this one!

Tiramisu was nice and light. Not too much cream which is good. Silky texture of cream and a good balance of the coffee and rum flavour.
Kuro Goma Gelato : "black sesame gelato, mixed nuts"

Not too keen on black sesame but this gelato was a refreshing and cool end to the meal. Black sesame flavour was good, not too strong. The mixed nuts provided a yummy crunchy contrast to the soft gelato!
My verdict:
Food: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: 3/5

Would I come back again? Yeah why not. I want to try a few of their other entrees and mains..and definitely for the matcha brulee! Oh and I also just realised they have another dessert =.= "azuki red bean, fresh banana and chocolate in hot spring roll with vanilla icecream" *drools*

Nine Fine Food is located at:
227 Bulwer Street
Highgate Perth WA

Bookings are recommended. They are pretty packed!

Happy eating!


  1. wow, might check this out with my friends! They love jap food

  2. Okay, everything seems nice *O* and nice photosss!

  3. Delicious and unique, love the food there and it is small portion.